Morgan Elise


My name is Morgan Elise, but you can call me Morg.

I am a photographer, filmmaker and blogger.

I am often mistaken for being a lot younger than what I really am.

I was born and raised in GA, then moved with my family to the great state of WA.

I am a homeschool graduate, and  sister to four.

I am currently attending school to obtain my medical assisting certificate.

I am a Christian and involved in ministry. 

My favorite color is green. 

I do a lot of swing dancing, and occasionally perform.

I once acted in a Star Wars fan film

Favorite show is Avatar, The Last Airbender. If you know this show, we are best friends.

I love children. 

I love succulents, and other green plants alike.

I love pizza, burgers and basically any food that is unhealthy for you. 

Summer is my favorite season. 

I have a southern accent (and southern sass) ;)

Welcome to my site! 


I'm not one of those photographers who picked up a camera and just knew.

I didn't. All I knew was I had a pink 5 mega pixel digital camera that was my prize possession. I was only really interested in taking pictures of me and my friends (selfies and all) with occasional pics of my pets and flowers.  I knew I enjoyed photography, but honestly, I had no idea what I was doing or what photography even was. 

In 2011 I became introduced to Pinterest and re-introduced to blogger. My friend was pursuing photography at the time and introduced me to some other photographers who had blogs. From then on I was hooked. I still didn't have that "AH HAH!" moment or anything. I just loved the way so many bloggers were able to beautifully capture stories. Storytelling and capturing the perfect image is my passion. 

In 2012 I "officially" started my photography business. I had just gotten my Nikon d3100 camera with a kit lens. Two days later, I had my first real shoot. My uncle and his fiancé willingly let me take their engagement photos. I had no idea what I was doing, I was shooting in auto (some of the day, before my uncle switched me to aperture) and I had an album of pictures I had collected from Pinterest to help me pose. As soon as the shoot was over, I went home and edited almost every photo (even the bad ones)  on Picmonkey and sent them straight off. Though I feel like I should be shuddering at the results of that shoot, I am still proud of my first attempt, and my uncle and his fiancé were thrilled. After that, I did a variety of family photography, senior, maternity and FINALLY weddings. After a lot of growing and learning, I realized that wedding, engagement (love) and portrait were the types of photography I'd like to pursue. 

In 2013, my family made the decision to move cross country to Washington state. After a year of praying, waiting and packing, my family set off on the five day road trip cross country.  

I didn't know it, but Washington was my dream place to photograph. I could not be happier with the home, community and state I live in.

In 2015, my new years resolution was to get serious about my photography business. I was still shooting with my Nikon d3100 (but thankfully not the kit lens). I became more and more frustrated with my camera and it's lack of ability. I started saving (very humbly) for a Mark 5D III. I started praying for the Lord to open doors for me. Very shortly, a friend of a friend was selling their Mark 5D III for a much cheaper price. That camera is now sitting in my house. 

In short, all I want to do is document stories, wether they are my own or complete strangers. Pictures are a priceless piece of your history that deserve to be preserved.

xx Morg